Women and their appeal to muscular men.

The age old question of "what attracts a woman to a man" is often asked so many times that it has become cliche. The reason this question is so frequent among men is because a clear answer has never been discovered. Sure lots of men have tried obtaining the correct answer by going directly to the source, women. Unfortunately for those men, the answer still alluded them because women themselves don't really know what attracts them to guys. Sure they THINK they know, but what they think, and what is actually practiced are totally different things. You might have heard the old saying, judge what a woman says, not what a woman thinks. That saying couldn't be anymore true. For example, almost all women say they want a nice, caring, sensitive man. If what they really said they wanted was true, then all the nice guys out there would have a girl friend or be married. The real fact of the matter though is there is an abundance of nice guys on the dating market. So who do women go for then? Have a look around, you will see that the prettiest women date so called jerks and dbags, something they did not claim they were attracted to. Contradiction? I think so.


The problem isn't that only intellectual men don't know what women want in a partner, even strong muscular men feel the same. Brain and Brawn have the same problem. Math book and gym workout fiends. You get the point by now i'm sure. So what is a guy to do then to get a woman attracted to him if he can't ask her for the answer. Well that's actually simple. Look around, see what the guys who have girlfriends are doing. Just like in the world of business, you have to imitate what works, you have to copy the successful. If you look around to see what men have the most amount of women you will see that it's the men who are physically in shape. That's right, the men who take time to go workout at the gym 5 to 7 days of the week. The men who are lean and not overweight. The one's who have a routine, strict diet, and stick to it, not letting themselves get fat. When they're done bulking, they add intense cardio to their mix to compensate. Do girls like abs and other muscles on men? The answer is found by looking around at the guys who have girlfriends. It's a simple obvious yes that they do.

So how much do women enjoy a mans sculpted and ripped stomach? Well the more shredded the better. Look at all the men in magazine covers and movies, they all purposely workout for weeks on end to get six packs so that they can look good. The key in that previous sentence is the phrase "look good". As humans, we are all attracted to what looks good, so isn't it common sense that to attract more to you, you should improve how well you look? The obvious answer is yes. It does take work and dedication to get strong, building muscle is not a quick and fast process, but ask yourself again, do girls like abs for a reason other than their looks? Of course they do, they like them because they show that the man who sculpted them is a man who is dedicated and ready to take life head on.

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